Configure IO-Link Devices in Minutes

Using the IO-Link Device – Port Table or the IO-Link Device ISDU Interface

IO-Link Device – Port Table

After uploading the IO-Link device manufacturer IODD files, easily and quickly configure IO-Link devices using the IO-Link Device – Port table, which provides ISDU handling. USER BENEFITS
  • Reduces IO-Link device configuration time
  • Simplifies IO-Link device configuration
  • Remote parameterization
The IO-Link Device – Port table provides a GUI configuration interface between the IO-Link device IODD file loaded on the IO-Link Master and the IO-Link device. Click the Attached Devices | Port page for the IO-Link device and click the EDIT button to make changes to the device parameters. AttachedDevice_Port7_01   Make the changes and click SAVE. AttachedDevice_Port7_02   Click REFRESH to confirm the parameter changes. AttachedDevice_Port7_03   If needed, reset the IO-Link device parameters back to the factory settings. AttachedDevice_Port7_04  

IO-Link Device ISDU Interface

Optionally, configure IO-Link devices using the IO-Link Device ISDU Interface which provides ISDU handling and you can edit IO-Link device parameters whether the IODD file is loaded or not. Use the IO-Link Device ISDU Interface and the IO-Link Device Operators Manual to configure the IO-Link device. Optionally, you can load the IODD file to reference the ISDU Block Index numbers.  This shows changing ISDU Index 64 to 10000 (27 10h). ISDU_Interface_01   The IOLM responds with a command executed response if the parameter change fits a defined value.  If the IODD file is loaded, you can verify the parameter changes by clicking REFRESH. ISDU_Interface_02  

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