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DeviceMaster Modbus Solutions

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The DeviceMaster MOD is the most innovative Modbus gateway available today.

Flexible, versatile, and highly configurable, the DeviceMaster MOD provides unmatched connectivity for a vast array of Modbus implementations. We have a solution for you — whether your controller communicates through Modbus/TCP, Modbus serial, Ethernet TCP/IP, or COM ports, and whether it is a master or slave; whether your Modbus slave device is Modbus/TCP, Modbus/RTU or Modbus/ASCII serial, is local or remote; or whether your Raw/ASCII device is connected via serial or Ethernet TCP/IP. And whether you require simple connectivity or large scale Modbus networks, we have it covered.

Comtrol has developed three unique Modbus firmware applications designed to provide flexibility, reliability, and ease of use. These Modbus firmware applications can all be loaded onto any Modbus enabled DeviceMaster MOD, all provide valuable status and statistics information, and all provide the robustness and reliability that you expect in a quality Modbus gateway.

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Modbus Router Firmware 

The Modbus Router firmware was developed to provide innovative network-wide Modbus connectivity from a wide variety of Modbus masters to a wide variety of local and remote Modbus slaves. Advanced features include master-to-master communication, private serial bus connectivity, write protection, and device ID aliasing. With simplified configuration pages and advanced routing, Modbus Router provides unmatched Modbus connectivity.

Modbus Router Firmware  
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Modbus/TCP Firmware

The Modbus/TCP firmware is the original DeviceMaster Modbus application. It has been designed to provide great flexibility for connecting both Modbus serial slaves and Raw/ASCII devices to a variety of Modbus controllers and applications. Such advanced Raw/ASCII options as filtering, command/response mode, peer-to-peer Modbus communications, and simultaneous connections to multiple Modbus controllers and/or Ethernet TCP/IP applications make the Modbus/TCP firmware the flagship of all Modbus to Raw/ASCII gateways.

modbusTCP system 2prt 200 - Modbus Solutions  
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Modbus Server Firmware

The Modbus Server application was designed to provide enhanced connectivity for OPC servers and applications that require Modbus/RTU communication from Ethernet TCP/IP or COM ports directly to serial ports. While standard gateways provide connectivity for only one application per serial port, Modbus Server provides connectivity for up to six applications per serial port. Modbus Server can be loaded onto any DeviceMaster MOD, RTS, or PRO model.
modbusServer system 2prt ver2 200 - Modbus Solutions

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