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Laser Scanners

From vehicle classification to speed enforcement, Comtrol’s line of laser scanners from SICK provide the tools traffic and transportation professionals need. These scanners have a long track record of performance around the world and in all weather conditions in many applications including:

LMS 111, LMS 182


LMS182 at a glance

  • Small, light and economical measurement system
  • Real-time output of measurement data via Ethernet interface
  • Number of switching outputs can be expanded via external CAN module
  • Parameterisation interface accessible from the front while device mounted
  • Rugged housing
  • Field evaluation using intelligent algorithms

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LMS 581, LMS 511 

LMS 581 (outdoor)

  • Powerful and efficient laser measurement sensor for measurement ranges of up to 65 m
  • Outstanding performance in adverse environmental conditions due to 5-echo technology
  • IP 67, built-in heater, highly compact design
  • Low power consumption
  • Fast signal processing
  • Multiple I/Os
  • Synchronization of multiple sensors possible

    Download PDF – standard model
    Download PDF – high definition model



  • Simultaneous measurement on 4 layer
  • Excellent outdoor capabilities with multi pulse technology
  • Compact and light design. Less than 1 litre in volume and approx. 1 kg in weight
  • Large temperature range at low power consumption.
    -40° to +70°C at 8 watts power consumption
  • Operation possible even with supply voltages from 9 VDC

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LMS211/221/291 Product Replacement Chart